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  1. iTunesFS, a FUSEOFS based file system for your Mac, which makes all your iTunesâ„¢ playlists available as folders in Finderâ„¢!
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  4. iPodFS is FUSE based filesystem allows you to mount the iTunes DB from your iPod and use it like others USB-connected music players, which interface with the computer like a hard drive. It lets you access the files on the iPod from the command line and play them by your favourite MP3 player.
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  5. ipodfs is a user-space filesystem for accessing iPods using FUSE (Filesystems in Userspace). It provides simple access to your iPod. Mount your iPod using ipodfs, then just copy your music files onto it using normal file management tools.
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  6. A rendezvous proxy broadcaster allowing advertising of services for other machines that do not support multicasting their configuration information.
  7. A toolkit for assembling XMPP clients and interacting with XMPP servers.
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  8. This is a wrap-up on how to create a proper podcast feed on Drupal 5.7 (will probably work on 6.2 as well), based on a particular content type, valid for the iTunes Music Store and redirected via Feedburner.
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